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What Questions Are On Your Mind About Estate Planning?

Craig W. Watson Attorney At Law has helped countless individuals and families with estate planning, probate and related legal matters. Take a look below at a few examples of questions that we have heard, and then contact us to discuss your own concerns.

With so much attention given to trusts these days, are wills outmoded? Is there still a place for wills and probate?

Even if you believe all your assets are correctly assigned to a trust, a pour-over will can be important to take care of anything that falls outside the trusts. Your final income tax refund, payouts from lawsuits and other miscellaneous property and funds may need to go through probate even if you have trusts in place.  If you have creditors, probating your estate may help protect assets from creditors.

I just moved from out of state. Do I need to have an attorney review my estate planning documents?

Reviewing your estate plan with a lawyer in your new state is an excellent idea. You may have experienced changes in your family or financial circumstances since the last time you reviewed your documents with an attorney. You also may learn that the legal requirements of a valid will differ somewhat from those in the state that you moved from.

We want to help ensure that our grandchildren can pursue higher education. How can we build this goal into our estate plan?

An educational trust is a solid way to accomplish this objective. An estate planning attorney can help you set the terms of the trust, designate the beneficiaries, and assign a trustee whom you can trust to honor your intentions and handle the funds in your grandchildren’s best interests.

Some of my children are financially successful, but one continues to struggle. How can I appropriately provide for each one uniquely without risking resentments between siblings?

Ideally, your estate plan will reflect a lifetime of individualized expressions of love and care for each of your children. There are different strategies to benefit childer who may need to be protected from bad choices as opposed to children who are succeeding in life. An experienced estate planning lawyer can help you devise a promising plan.

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