Estate Planning For Peace Of Mind

Assisting Executors In North Texas With Probate And Estate Administration

Someday, you may find yourself in the situation where your parent, spouse or loved one has died, and you are the executor of their estate or the administrator of their trust. Or, perhaps your loved one died without a will and you need the court to appoint you as the administrator. Either way, you will need the counsel of a skilled estate administration attorney through this process.

Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law, is here to help you. With three decades of experience, our attorney Craig W. Watson can assist you with all of the tasks, including:

  • Marshaling or selling assets
  • Deciding whether you need to file the will for probate
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Paying debts, taxes or dealing with creditors
  • Satisfying reporting requirements
  • Terminating trusts
  • Filing a Form 706 Federal Estate Tax Return
  • Obtaining letters testamentary or letters of administration

If You Live Out Of State, We Can Handle Many Of The Duties

Sometimes, a decedent lived in North Texas, but their executor lives far away. If this is the case, Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law, can work with you to handle many of your executor duties by mail, phone or email. You might not have to travel here even once. This can reduce your stress, expedite the process and minimize the number of long trips you must make.

What If Someone Dies Without A Will?

Many adults do not have legally valid wills when they pass away. When someone dies without a will in Texas, the court may still require a probate of their estate. This requires several complex steps — including determining heirs, settling debts and distributing assets. The probate process can take over a year, depending on whether assets need to be sold and how long it takes for a buyer to come forward. Our attorney can navigate this process with you, working to expedite probate as efficiently as possible.

What If Creditors Are Making Claims?

Sometimes decedents owe credit cards companies, home mortgage lenders or other creditors.  If the decedent was in a nursing home or on Medicaid, the State of Texas may even file a Medicaid Recovery Program (MERP) Claim. It may be possible to eliminate certain debts in the probate process.

Are You An Executor? Schedule A Consultation.

If you are preparing to administer an estate or trust, contact our law office for representation. To speak with our attorney over the phone or schedule an in-person appointment, call 903-813-8500 or send us an email.