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Thirty Years Guiding Texans With Guardianship Cases

When someone can no longer care for themselves or make important financial decisions, they may need the care of a guardian. A court-appointed guardian can oversee an incapacitated person’s finances, medical care and day-to-day needs.

Attorney Craig Watson has 30 years of experience handling guardianship cases throughout the North Texas region. If you fear that your loved one no longer has the mental or physical capacity to handle their affairs, Craig Watson can guide you through the guardianship process. Or if you wish, you can even designate in advance a trusted person to serve as your guardian should guardianship ever become necessary.

How Does A Guardianship Work?

Guardianship arises in two scenarios:

Proactively, to designate a guardian in anticipation of dementia, strokes, old age, declining health or some other process that may rob you of your ability to manage your affairs. This allows the aging individual to participate in creating and defining the potential guardianship while they are still of sound mind and body.

Reactively, to care for someone who has become incapacitated without a trust, power of attorney or other plan in place. You will have to demonstrate to the court that your relative is mentally incapacitated and needs a guardian to govern their care and/or to protect their estate, and that you are qualified to be their guardian.

Craig Watson is certified as an elder law attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation, as recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is well versed in the law and attuned to the sensitive nature of guardianship. His goal is to preserve the dignity of the ward while ensuring that their personal welfare and financial interests are protected. That may be by protecting an elderly person from unscrupulous relatives or scam artists, or helping loved ones protect the elderly person them from him or herself.

An Ally And Guide In Guardianship Disputes

Guardians wield considerable power over an incapacitated adult. Members of the family may disagree whether a guardianship is appropriate, or whether a certain person should be entrusted with that role. Whether you need to assert guardianship or challenge a guardianship petition, Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law, can help you with the legal process — even in contested proceedings.

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