Estate Planning For Peace Of Mind

30 Years Of Estate Planning Experience

Perhaps you have put off writing a will. Perhaps you created an estate plan years ago but need to update it. Either way, you have come to the right place. The law firm of Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law, provides comprehensive estate planning services.

You may be concerned about heirs arguing among themselves over your estate. You may be concerned about protecting your estate from unnecessary taxation. You may be concerned about protecting your assets from creditors, either yours or creditors of your heirs. You may be concerned about protecting a spouse or child who has special needs.  You may even be concerned about protecting your heirs from their own poor decisions. Whatever your concerns, an estate plan designed by an experienced professional may be able to prevent or minimize future problems.

As both a certified elder law attorney and a former CPA, Craig Watson is well-qualified to help you structure your estate to pass the maximum amount of wealth to your heirs. He will walk you through various scenarios to develop clear and detailed documents that will reflect your wishes and protect your interests.

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Covering All The Bases

Craig Watson will sit down with you to understand your situation and your desires, to create the essential estate planning instruments everyone should have:

  • A will that declares your heirs
  • Power of attorney to manage your business and financial affairs if you cannot
  • Medical power of attorney for health care decisions on your behalf
  • A living will spelling out your wishes about artificial life support and end-of-life care
  • Declaration of guardian should you become mentally incompetent
  • Nomination of guardians for your minor children in case of your untimely death

These documents provide direction to your loved ones and to the court, which may help to avoid family conflict or unnecessary litigation.

Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

We have long-standing clients from all walks of life, including many professionals and business owners with large estates or complex assets. Craig Watson is well-versed in strategies for asset protection, probate avoidance, business succession and generational wealth transfer. He can advise on annual gifting and the use of trusts, such as a revocable living trust or special needs trust, or other types of trusts, to accomplish specific purposes.

For many families, estate planning goes hand in hand with long-term care planning to qualify for Medicaid assistance to pay for possible care in a nursing home without spending down all of the family’s assets. As a certified elder law attorney, this is something that Craig Watson handles every day.

At the other end of the spectrum, Craig Watson also has concrete experience in estate tax planning for the elite few whose holdings trigger the “death tax” threshold.

The Time Has Come To Put It In Writing

You do not need to be fabulously wealthy to benefit from estate planning. Anyone can benefit from our attorney’s unique accounting background and 30 years of experience drafting wills, trusts and powers of attorney. Your estate plan will be individualized and legally sound, providing peace of mind through your golden years.

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