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How we can help with estate planning

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If there is one silver lining from the craziness of the past year, it is that estate planning has become a hot topic. Indeed, every week, our readers have likely seen a news story on estate planning. This is why, during these trying time, so many people are trying to get their estate plan in order because we can never know what tomorrow will bring.

Experience matters

The law firm of Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law, has over 30 years of estate planning experience and provides comprehensive estate planning services throughout Sherman, Texas. We understand the differing needs of our clients, and this is regardless of whether one is looking for a simple will, to update their decades old estate plan or needs to create a new estate plan.

The importance of estate planning

Many of our clients are primarily concerned with not adding to their family’s anguish after they pass away. This includes reducing or eliminating arguments between family members. Maybe one is concerned about avoiding unnecessary taxation or keeping creditors away from an inheritance. And, if one has a spouse or child with special needs, where they are the primary care giver, estate planning is essential to ensure their care. Or, maybe, someone simply does not trust the decision making ability of their heirs. These are all reasons for an estate plan.

Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law

Craig W. Watson, Attorney At Law, is a unique estate planning attorney because he is both a certified elder law attorney and a former CPA. This is a unique and specialized position to ensure that clients can rest assured that the estate plan crafted will meet their needs and expectations, maximizing the amount of wealth transferred to one’s heirs. This is why we offer free initial consultations for Sherman, Texas, residents.