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When is it time for a parent to enter a nursing home?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Elder Law |

One of the most painful things to witness is the decline of one’s parents. As much as a parent may insist on remaining in his or her home as long as possible, adult children may have to make the difficult decision to find a Texas nursing home that will meet their parent’s needs. It is not always easy to know the most appropriate time for making that move.

Factors in the decision

Perhaps the most common reason for seeking a nursing home for a parent is that the parent is no longer able to live alone in safety. This may be because of a decline in physical health that prevents him or her from managing routine tasks, such as cooking and bathing. It may also be that a parent is declining cognitively, which can require round-the-clock care family members cannot provide.

The family dynamic is another factor that may lead to the decision to find a reputable nursing home for a parent. Adult children who do not get along or cannot agree on the best interests of the parent may not be able to work together to care for the parent. Additionally, if the parent and adult children cannot afford in-home care, it may be necessary to seek a facility that accepts Medicare or Medicaid. This carries its own set of complications.

Simplifying the process

Deciding to place one’s parent in a nursing home involves numerous other decisions, such as how to pay for it and what to do with the assets in the parent’s estate. It is seldom an easy transition and is a very personal decision. Fortunately, those who are dealing with these serious issues do not have to handle them alone. A compassionate Texas attorney with experience in elder law matters may have the advice and guidance that will bring peace of mind to those involved.